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Hello, I'm Weena.

I'm an artist who has had a passion for painting my entire life. Primarily, I love to paint seascapes and wildflowers, but I enjoy trying new things, so I've created some commercial artwork too.

My enthusiasm for painting started before I can even remember,

when I was just a young girl. I was born in Bangkok, Thailand but ethically, my background is Chinese.

I attended boarding school in Bangkok and eventually moved to Australia, where I studied business in Sydney.

Since then, I have found myself living in many different countries and have been travelling alongside my husband for work in America, UAE, Thailand, the UK and all over Europe. Most recently, we spent 8 years living in Munich, Germany, but since 2019 we have been back home in the UK, where I refreshed my love and passion for painting, with plenty of new inspiration from all of my travels.

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